The NORD-CV452 works in the same way as Walvoils SD122 and DLM122 and also the SDM142 and DLM142 and DLM143.

Nordvalves also sells similar valves like the world famous SD5 and SD11, SD14 SD18 but also the SDS150 and other valves similar to Walvoils models.

Nordvalves can supply all similar standard valves as Walvoil has but for a much lower price on a valve that does the same job as the SD and SDS models does.

Also if you use an Diverter valve from Walvoil you can on most occasions also use the Nordvalves RRV or SVV models.

Nordvalves has the best prices of any major brand on the valve market like Walvoil or Hydracontrol or Galtech and also Nordhydraulic and so on.

So do not hesitate to contact us if you need to save money on standard valves.